June 17, 2020


“If Black America is to ever get on its feet, it must first get down on its knees.” 

 – Ralph D. Abernathy, Former Executive Director, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Do you know the surest and quickest way of obtaining your specific desire? It’s prayer!

But what is prayer? Prayer is desire-not vain repetitions or religious

chants but communication with infinite intelligence. Our Creator’s only requirement of prayer is to expand our consciousness on what we want. Furthermore, prayer is not only worship, it also unites us with our spirit. “Whatsoever things you ask for, when ye pray, believe that ye shall receive them, and ye shall have them.” There’s only catch-you must ask intelligently. 

A story is told of two monks who strolled in the garden of the monastery each afternoon. One day they decided they would enjoy listening to music during their walks. Each agreed that they would ask the bishop for permission. The next day as they came out for their walk, one of the monks was wearing headphones and carrying a cassette player while the other looked in amazement. 

“Didn’t you ask if you could listen to music?” The wired monk asked. 

“I asked permission and was refused,” replied his colleague. 

“How did you ask?” queried the first.

“I approached the bishop and said, ‘Father, when I’m walking and meditating in the garden, is it okay if I listen to music?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely not!’

“Well,” said the other, “you were refused because of the way you asked the question. I approached the bishop and said, ‘Master, when I am listening to music in the garden is all right if I meditate?’ And he said, ‘Certainly.’ ” Prayer is talking something over with God rather than trying to talk God out of something. 

In Closing…

When the outlook is bad, try the “uplook.”

Printed with permission of the author, Dr. Dennis Kimbro

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