“I know who my real Father is.” - Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, AME Church, Los, Angeles

Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray, AME Church, Los, Angeles

Former heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier once said, “Prayer is just as important as roadwork.” The ex-champ beat the odds by utilizing hard work, self-confidence and unshakable faith – The Power Within. 

Dr. Georgia L .McMurray, who was stricken with Charcot-Marie-Tooth atrophy, a congenital degenerative disease that left her completely paralyzed, was one of the nation’s top educators. From her motorized wheelchair, she conducted research and never yielded from her commitment to championing the cases of young adults, particularly teenage mothers. Dr. McMurray’s remarkable life proved that a physical challenge of any kind – whether early pregnancy or a rare disease – need not be a limitation to excellence. She was much in demand, and closed her speeches with a prayer: “I ask God for strength to continue the journey.” 

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu fought the greatest enemy known to mankind: ignorance. Armed with nothing more than unconquerable faith, Bishop Tutu refused to bend or bow. On more than one occasion he mentioned that “God will see me through.”

Joe Frazier, Dr. Georgia McMurray and Bishop Tutu understood the Universal Law of Spiritual Power that governed their lives. They knew that that the vitality of the Creator – the designer of the universe – permeates every fiber of our being. Infinite Intelligence guides us to health, happiness and prosperity. Chase your dreams! Climb the highest mountain. Call upon the spiritual power that rests within.

I know who my Father is. Today I will step out boldly and conquer new worlds!


Printed with permission of the author, Dr. Dennis Kimbro

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