“There’s more power in the open hand than in the clenched fist.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil and Human Rights Leader

One of life’s best-kept secrets is that including other people in our goals lends energy and impetus toward reaching that goal. The old stereotype of the lonely, solitary striver grasping for recognition and achievement without regard for anyone else is actually a rare case. The truth is that people who achieve greatly usually share greatly. There are two types of people in this world: the excluders and the includers. Some people live to get everything they can. They “exclude” as many people as they can because they believe that will leave more of the goodies for themselves. The “includers,” on the other hand, include others in everything they do. They share their lives, including their rewards, and because they are so adamant about sharing, they are able to obtain more and give more of what life has to offer.

Sharing is so basic to the human experience. Have you ever noticed how many of the successful people you know enjoy including others in what they do- sharing life with others, giving away with one hand what they’ve worked so hard to acquire with the other? Regardless of the profession, the truly successful always include others in some form or fashion. For example, top-notch teachers are those who have a compulsion to share what they know with their students. Successful performers are those who reach across the footlights and share themselves with their audiences. Great athletes are those who include their teammates in their achievements. High-achievers are big includers. The act of sharing what they have achieved gives their achievement more meaning.

Today I will share my resources with someone looking for support!

Printed with permission of the author, Dr. Dennis Kimbro.

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