July 26, 2020

A Command Performance

“We can’t all be great, but we can attach ourselves to great causes.”  


It’s amazing how an actor will perform at his peak when he knows an important person is in the audience More than one athlete has knocked himself out because he knew that his family was sitting in the stands. 

There’s a story of a college football player who was comfortable playing for the second string. Yet his father never missed a game. After his father’s death the son, with tears in his eyes, approached his coach and said, “Please let me start tonight. Want to play for my dad.”

The coach, knowing that the boy’s father had never missed a game agreed. The young man’s performance on the field was outstanding. When asked to explain his phenomenal play, he said, “Coach, I played this game for my dad. My father never missed a game, but he never saw me play —until tonight! You see, my father was blind.”

With a similar type of emotion, how much better could you perform in the game of life? Our Creator is in a front-row seat watching your performance. He is applauding the moment you move into the scene. What previously untapped levels of energy, creativity, and accomplishment will you reveal?

In closing, make this your mantra:

I admit I can do more than I have done. Today I will operate at my peak level. 

Printed with permission of the author, Dr. Dennis Kimbro

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